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General terms and conditions


The operator between Parapp Consulting UG (Unterföhring, 85774 Münchner str. 18. Germany; hereinafter referred to as "the service provider") is set up on the website of www.parapolyamsterdam.nl (hereinafter: portal) and the user of the service offered on the website is registered ; hereinafter referred to as "User".


1 ticket purchase

The game is subject to the purchase of a ticket. Tickets can be bought online at www.parapolyamsterdam.nl. The data provided at the time of purchase are processed by the provider in accordance with the data protection declaration.
When purchasing a ticket, the user provides the following information:
Name and surname (mandatory)
- email address (required)
-Contact details
Billing address (post code, city, street, house number)
The provider is not liable for damage resulting from the inaccuracy of the information provided in the ticket purchase.

The information provided when purchasing tickets is managed by the service provider to identify the user, for billing and for the purpose of its own online marketing business.

Cancellation of the ticket purchase by the provider:
If the desired ticket is not paid for by the user within 90 days of the order, the order will be canceled automatically. In these cases, the provider has no additional claim against the user. The ticket provider is not obliged to redeem. If necessary, the user can place a new order.

2 The procedure for buying a ticket


The user selects the type of ticket they want to buy.

2.1 Ticket types:

2.1.1 Game ticket:


A purchased ticket is valid for a game with 2 to max. 6 people within the specified period. With a larger number of players, additional tickets must be purchased according to the number of participants.
If the ticket is paid for immediately, it can be activated within 24 hours.
If the ticket is paid for immediately with a credit card, the user receives the invoice for payment, as well as further information on activating / using the ticket.
If the relevant information has not been sent to the user and to the email address used to complete the purchase within 30 minutes of the purchase, the provider must be informed.

The game ticket can be used for 90 days from the date of purchase.
The ticket then expires.
A refund of the purchase price is not possible.

2.1.2 Activation of a game ticket:


You will receive a notification of the ticket purchased for you by email. If you use a gift ticket or other promotional code to buy a ticket, which automatically changes the amount to be paid to € 0, the same content will be sent (without payment, not included in the invoice). To activate the ticket, you must click on the activation link in the email that opens the ParaPoly website in your browser. Here the user can check and if necessary change the selected track, the language of the game and the email address that is to be used during the game. The game is started by clicking on the "Start game now" button at the end of the website.
The user has 48 hours from the start of the game to complete the tasks. To activate the game, you will receive an email notification with the URL of the website to be used during the game and the required login details. Check-in is only possible with one device per team.
After the start of the game, it is not possible to extend the duration of the game or to restart the game.


2.1.3 Gift ticket:


The gift voucher is for a ticket of a complete team, i.e. min. for 2 max. 6 persons. If you have bought a ticket, we will send you the gift card in PDF format, which you can create in print, within 24 hours of payment. The gift ticket is active for 3 months from the order date and is valid within the statutory provisions.

2.1.4 Redeeming a gift ticket:


You can redeem a free ticket within the validity period. With a gift ticket, the user still needs a game ticket. If you have a gift ticket, you must enter the code in the voucher field when purchasing the game ticket. The price to be paid for the game ticket is reduced by the value of the gift ticket. If the amount to be paid is changed to € 0, no further payment is required.

The gift ticket and the ticket purchased for your own part all cost € 99, ​​which includes 19% VAT.
Tickets discounted as part of special promotions (e.g. new store opening, etc.) also contain 19% VAT and are only valid during the specified promotional period. There is no general entitlement to benefits.


3 gameplay:


In order to be able to use the game, you must have a "game ticket" that you can buy and activate according to point 2.1.1.
-When the game ticket is activated, the user receives a message to the email address that is specified on the activation page and specifies which web address, which login information (user name + password) you need to log on to the WEB page of the service provider.
-To play the game, the user must have a smartphone (or 3G tablet) that can log in to the WEB server referred to in the previous section.
-The user must use a printed publication from the service provider to complete the game. You should use the information received by email on this WEB server.
-The solutions to the tasks must also be sent to the service provider via the WEB server. If the solution is correct, the new task is sent to the user within 30-60 seconds. (Data reception required).
-Provider provides a paper-based publication for the user. The basis of this publication are the provider and other named partner companies. The provider also informs the user about this on the website.
-To complete the game you need about 100 MB of mobile data volume, which cannot be provided by the service provider.
-The user has the option to play the game within 28 hours of activating the game ticket. The service provider can only extend the 48-hour validity period if it can be demonstrated that he is unable to play the game through a service provider due to a web server fault.
-To play the game, the user can interrupt the 48 hours at any time within the period of validity and then resume it.


4 Cancellation of a game:


- Unfortunately, a purchased game or gift ticket can be canceled free of charge or is not possible.
-If the game was started, the user can pause or stop the game at any time, but he / she is not entitled to a refund.
-The game is not time-bound and can be started at any time during the validity period of the ticket, so that it is not possible in bad weather
Abort game to use the ticket again.


5 Terms and Conditions


- Everyone takes part in the game at their own risk. Claims for damages against the operator cannot be raised
-People under the age of 12 can only participate in the game with at least one adult.
- In the case of underage participants, the duty of supervision remains with the legal representative or legal guardian of the user for the entire duration of the contract.
-People under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic drugs are not allowed to participate in the game.
-The playing time is max. 48 hours. It is not possible to extend the playing time.
- In the event of intentional injury or damage, the service provider can pass on claims for damages, including third parties, to the user.
-You have to walk 2-4 km during the game. Due to the local conditions, barrier-free access cannot be guaranteed permanently.
-The game lasts at least 2 hours, but depending on the pace of the team and the number of rest periods or breaks, this can be longer.


6 liability:


The service provider assumes no responsibility for personal, material or non-material damage caused by playing ParaPoly.
-The provider excludes liability for all difficulties on the route that affect the use of ParaPoly (e.g. construction work, public event, weather, etc.).
- The user acknowledges that he takes part in ParaPoly on his own responsibility


7 Copyright:


7.1 The functions of the ParaPoly game and the ability to play and work with the game's paper-based publications are the intellectual property of Parapp Consulting UG. (85774 Unterföhring, Münchener str. 18.). All or part of them may only be used with the written consent of Parapp Consulting UG. respectively.
7.2 The rights of the ParaPoly website, the web design, the full ParaPoly graphic identity (including the logo, the drawn or edited images, the color combinations used, etc.) are the property of Markland Kft. (8372 Cserszegtomaj, Kőhát and 26.Hungary ) All or part of them may only be used with the written consent of Markland Kft.

8 legal references:

The general terms and conditions are subject to German case law.
Data processing in accordance with the GDPR


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